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Submitted on: Mar 21, 2019 at 05:34 PM
I confirm that I have read the above guild rules and that failure to conform to these may result in loss of raid spot
If there are occasional issues with attendance, please let us know here

Personal information









Character information

Battletag [OPTIONAL]


Race and Class
Troll Shaman
Main Spec


Off Spec(s) (only include if viable for progression)

WarcraftLogs Character Profile [REQUIRED]
Alts (comfortable playing for progression)

Mage, all specs(up to date, 410)
Shadow Priest(undergeared AF)

Class Knowledge

Please tell us your opening rotation (bullet-point form or similar is fine). If you play multiple specialisations then please do this for each one

8-7 Second pre-pull:
Stormkeeper - 1.5 sec cast
Totem Mastery GCD
Fire Elemental GCD
prepot+Lava Burst+Flameshock - 3 seconds left before pull when i start casting lava burst so it hits on 0 exactly.
I follow up my lava burst with a Stormkeeper empowered lightningbolt, I cast another Lava Burst and finish it off with another Empowered Lightning Bolt.
Now I usually use Icefury(mekkatorque as an example, where there is 50~ seconds from pull till first wormhole generator, so I get to run back to stack point while casting powerful Frost Shocks.
I use my Lava Burst(which have gone off cooldown by now) to empower my Frost Shock casts. I get to do this 2-4 times depending on Lava Surge proccing, and if I dont get to empower my frost shocks, i simply let my Icefury run out.

Please tell us your general rotation or priority system (bullet-point form or similar is fine). If you play multiple specialisations then please do this for each one

For: 2311132
Keep flame shock active on main target, if there's 2-3 adds on the encounter, keep it up on those aswell to increase ST damage.(some exceptions of course)

Lightning bolt is used as a filler and my entire rotation evolves around Master of the elements, and I have to buff the right spells and there is a proper order for those: Stormkeeper Lightning bolts, Earth shocks, icefury buffed frost shocks and then rest doesnt matter because you always buff either of those.

That's basically the priority for me. I of course analyze fights before i get in there, so see if there are some moments where movement is crucial, so I can use Icefury and do damage while on the move. This is the case on Opulence, Conclave and Mekkatorque during hard overlaps.

Please list your current stat priority (screenshots of your character profile on SimCraft/RaidBots will also suffice), and then explain the benefits of each stat for your specialisation, making sure to include any softcaps or breakpoints you are aiming for


I've reached a point where versatility outscales any other stat, but that will change at some point of course.
Currently i've got a good amount of crit, so my Master of the elements buffed abilities are likely to be a critical strike.
Haste is 1st or 2nd best stat for shaman because so much of our rotation is based on how much you can cast while you are standing still, which you are 100% of the time if done properly.
Haste and crit changes all the time hence the /

, CritRating=2.73
, HasteRating=2.68
, MasteryRating=1.9
, Versatility=2.79

Please list your current talent setup, without abbreviations, detailing for each row whether the choice changes for Single Target, Cleave, and AoE

1st row: Echo of the elements uncontested, because Igneous Potential(azerite trait) is the go-to trait.
2nd row: Totem Mastery for every encounter. Aftershock is mainly for mindless padding for Zul as an example.
3rd row: Spirit Wolf is optimal because you will never be able to use Static Charge properly in a raid.
4th row: Master of the Elements in this row, completely uncontested. You could go Storm elemental for +10 target AoE but thats it.
5th row: Nature's Guardian is always nice, as shamans dont have good survivability. Otherwise Wind Rush totem is crucial on fight like Rastakhan when bob salami sucks you in, in death realm.
6th row: Icefury sims the highest in this row, even though it is not fun to play. Primal Elementalist wouldn't be used under any circumstances.
7th row: Stormkeeper uncontested, as Unlimited Power is underperforming by a mile just like Ascendance.

An important note: failure to play optimal specialisations may result in loss of raid spot/being sat. Please confirm you have acknowledged this

Raid Related Info

What is your opinion on sitting during progression (potentially for multiple bosses)?

I've never been benched EVER on progress because im very consistent, so I wouldn't appreciate being benched thats for sure. That being said, I can understand it, because the shaman toolkit isn't always the best for progress raiding.

What is your opinion on Private vs Public logging?

Don't really have one. I think its up to the Officers to decide what is best for the guild.

Background information

Please list your previous guilds and a brief reason for leaving each of them (current expansion)

8/8 Uldir M pre 5% nerf
currently 7/9M, Stormwall is almost dead.

thats it.

Why have you chosen to apply to Weeping Angels?

3 raids a week and top200 in the world? that's pretty sick man



Hello there Hauge,

Thank you for your application we will review it and return shortly!

Hello there, sorry for the delay.

The guild has been disbanded and recruitment has therefore stopped!

Thanks for your interest.

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