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Submitted on: Feb 25, 2019 at 09:55 PM
I confirm that I have read the above guild rules and that failure to conform to these may result in loss of raid spot
If there are occasional issues with attendance, please let us know here

Personal information


William A.







Character information

Battletag [OPTIONAL]


Race and Class
Blood Elf Priest
Main Spec


Off Spec(s) (only include if viable for progression)


WarcraftLogs Character Profile [REQUIRED]
Alts (comfortable playing for progression)

No relevant alts.

Class Knowledge

Please tell us your opening rotation (bullet-point form or similar is fine). If you play multiple specialisations then please do this for each one

Before pull i start stacking insanity by spamming PW:S until i get preferably 100 insanity, while 60 is acceptable. To get the insanity as fast as possible i useally ask for mage food right at the start of the raid. If there is no mage signed up on the calender i get cheap food myself from a random vendor.

Pull timer ->prepot 3.5-4 sec before pull -> start precasting Voidform/void eruption (VF) at around 2.5-3 sec before pull. With my current level of haste VF will be cast approximately 1,2 sec before pull. VF have a travel time and will hit the target at 0 sec.
After casting VF i still have 1-1.2 sec left for a Mindblast precast. I prefer casting mindblast over void bolt since togther with Shadow priests new trait "whispers of the damned" it will give me additional insanity and will stabilize my opening VF.

If the first mind blast doesn't crit i follow up with void bolt+ another mind blast. This will stabilize the voidform aswell, but it takes 1-2 more gcd for me to start applying dots.

When the fight actually starts i should already be in VF doing my rotation. When i have Atleast 14 stacks of VF i pop shadowfiend. If lust is used on pull i wait with using shadowfiend until have atleast 19 stacks of voidform. This will make it so the pet is active during the later part of the haste ramp that VF provides, this will increase the dmg of the pet and in turn my dmg.

Please tell us your general rotation or priority system (bullet-point form or similar is fine). If you play multiple specialisations then please do this for each one

Shadow priest doesn't have a clear rotation, but instead have 2 priority lists, 1 for when inside voidform and 1 for being outside voidform.

Note that these priority lists assumes that i have applied dots since applying dots is part of the opening. Dots should always be maintained throughout the fight.
Outside of Voidform:

1.Voiderution (to get into voidform. only reason i can think of why i wouldn't want to cast this would be if a raidwide stun or intermission with downtime is going happen soon. for example Rastakahn phase 1 > 2 stun, or jaina intermission.
2. shadow word: death" Though this spell isn't really an option since it shares talentrow with other better option.
3. Dark void, dark void gives alot of insanity and have priority and should be used to quikly get back into voidform. Though, it should not be used if alot of adds are about to spawn. Dark void is seldom an option for alot of bosses since it shares talentrow with one of shadow priests most powerful talents. only boss i can see it work during this tier would be on opulence.
4. shadow crash. This spell follow the same rule as dark void that it should not be used when adds are incoming. This rarely see play though since it other talent options are simply better in raids.
5. Mind blast, it gives a moderate amount of insanity and with the offchance of a crit it drastically help with getting back into voidform.
6. Filler spells. mind flay/mind sear. Mind sear> mind flay when 1 or more adds are stacked togheter with the boss.

Note that shadowfiend and mindbender is never an option when outside of voidform (exception being when boss is very near death and i should use everything i have to kill it.)

The inside version of the priority list looks alot like the outside version.
1. Voidbolt replacing voiderutption. void bolt prolongs the dots on target and targets nearby, is instant and generate moderate amount of insanity.
2. Shadowfiend/mindbender. The main cooldown of shadow priests. This spell has high priority, but should not be used under atleast 14 stacks of voidform. Since the pet that spawns also scales with the haste from void form.
3. shadow word death , if specced into.
4. dark void, if specced into.
5. shadow crash, if specced into
6. Mind blast. same reason as outside version
7. filler spells. mind flay/mind sear. Same reasoning as the out of voidform list

Voidbolt have the hightest priority in the list, but is best used in conjunction with other spells like mind blast and filler spells. for example: if both mind blast and voidbolt are off cd, they should be cast mind blast > void bolt. this is to not waste a gcd by casting voidbolt > mindblast. this reasoning also applies to filler spells where filler spells should be cast before void bolt.

Please list your current stat priority (screenshots of your character profile on SimCraft/RaidBots will also suffice), and then explain the benefits of each stat for your specialisation, making sure to include any softcaps or breakpoints you are aiming for


My main source of dmg is my voidforms. Longer voidforms = more dmg.
both crit and haste contribute to prolonging my voidform while vers,mast and int simply increases the dmg some or all my abilites do.

Crit is for the moment worth more than haste since i already have quite alot of haste.
Crit have 2 major ways of increasing my voidform and therefore my dmg as a whole.
1. When shadow word pain crits, it will send out shadowy apparitions that deal dmg. This baseline passive together with the talent auspiciuos spirits will also give me 2 insanity for every spirit i send. more crit = more spirits = more insanity.
2. Crit also increases the chance of mindblast criting. when mind blast crits togther with the new trait whispers of the damned, it not only gives the baseline 15 insanity. it also give additional 20 insanity.

Haste is super good for shadow priest since it allows me to cast more spells quicker.
faster spells = faster insanity gain = longer voidform = more dmg.
Haste also makes my dots tick faster, increasing their dmg and also gives more opportunity for shadow word pain to crit more frequently, thus giving me more insanity via spirits.

vers is an unimportant stat, since it doesn't affect my voidform in any meanigful way. It simply makes my spells hurt abit more. i'd consider vers better than int on the basis that it also increases my healing done. Since like going with san'layn talent it help a little bit.

I would argue that int is actually worth more than mastery since it increases the number on healing, shielding and dmg. i got has the same effect as vers, but since i have very little vers atm, it has a bigger effect.

Mastery. Straightup bad. it does that vers and int already does but only to certain abilities.

Please list your current talent setup, without abbreviations, detailing for each row whether the choice changes for Single Target, Cleave, and AoE

level 15: Shadow word: void. why have 1 mindblast when you can have 2! It makes the rotation smoother when you have to move during a fight. It's nice to almost always have a stack ready.
On the offchance that a boss allows for no moving and is a simple dps race fortress of the mind will beat out shadow word: void since you can just use mindflay for more insanity instead of casting a shadow word void during a "normal" fight.

level 30: all very good options. my favourite is san'layn since i like to help out mu healers in any way i can. If a boss requires more movement than healing i go body and soul. If im assinged to soak a mechanic intangibility would be my choice for the reduced cd on dispersion.

level: 45 Twist of fate, it increases both my healing and dmg done in execute phase or when hitting a target with less than 35% hp. This can also be procked off of critters during an encounter.
When alot of adds that will die rather quickly is present during an encounter i would pick dark void, since it deals a moderate amount of dmg. give alot of insanity and applies shadow word pain so i dont have to waste alot of GCD just to dot up adds.
I almost only use misery in m+ and even i might coniser dark void.

level 60: Last word when something needs to interrupted during the fight and psychic horror when a lesser add can and need to be stunned. (raptors on conclave)
mind bpmb is never an option since the cc breaks when the target is taking dmg.

level 75: auspicious spirits is the go talent. its the only talent on this row that passively gives me insanity. I opt for shadow crash sometimes in m+ and IE, cant remember when i last used it in progression.

Level 90: lingering insanity to make the transition between voidforms as smooth and as fast as possible. i almost never go mindbender and i never go void torrent.

level 100: Legacy of the void is the talent im running on the last row, the lowered cast time and insanity requirement toghter with the increased dmg makes this talent simple too good to pass up. Surrender to madness is never an option unless im in need of some weird cheesing.

An important note: failure to play optimal specialisations may result in loss of raid spot/being sat. Please confirm you have acknowledged this

Raid Related Info

What is your opinion on sitting during progression (potentially for multiple bosses)?

Dont mind it at all. Im willing to give my spot for the sake of progress because i trust my officers and RL to make the best call. I also trust my officers to tell me if it's a performance issue on my part or if my spec is simply unsuited for the fight. If im being benched because of performace i will see it as a wake up call and will try to improve myself outside of the raid.

What is your opinion on Private vs Public logging?

I dont mind either of them. Logs to me, should be used to spot faults in progress or if a mechanic need to be handled in a diffrent way. For that reason i'd say private logs, since i dont think people will push for logs if they wont have anything to show. If ofc we're near a new tier and been farming bosses for awhile i understand having public logs. It will spark competition and give people more incentive to improve their rotataion or gear.

Background information

Please list your previous guilds and a brief reason for leaving each of them (current expansion)


Lost one of our raidleaders. it became too much for my GM and he quit raiding. Guild is disbanding after that.

Why have you chosen to apply to Weeping Angels?

I have always wanted to try more harcore progression raiding, but i never tried it since i still wanted to play with my old guildies. But now when the guild is disbanding and everyone goes their separate ways i see no reason not to try it. Weeping angels to me looks like what a true progression raiding guild should look like. Where people share a common goal and have the motivation to push for that goal. And weeping angels being in the top 100 on eu for as long as i have played is a showing of the guilds passion and skill for the game. A guild i'd like to prove myself in and to grow together with.

If you have any questions regarding me. My old GM/RL would gladly answer them.(dotdash#2330)



Thanks for showing an interest in our guild.
We will have to assess your raiding performance and get back to you within the next couple of days.
Hey Willbab,

Sorry it's been a while, we've all been quite busy.

Anywho, we're going to decline this application as due to progression we will likely not be trialling for a couple weeks.

Good luck with your guild hunt!
Very well. Thank you for taking your time reviewing my application.
Im still looking to join though and i'll be keeping my eyes open for when you are recruiting again.

Good luck on Jaina!
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