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Submitted on: Feb 08, 2019 at 11:46 PM
I confirm that I have read the above guild rules and that failure to conform to these may result in loss of raid spot
If there are occasional issues with attendance, please let us know here

Personal information








Greek living in Norway for the forseeable future.

Character information

Battletag [OPTIONAL]


Race and Class
Troll Warlock
Main Spec


Off Spec(s) (only include if viable for progression)


WarcraftLogs Character Profile [REQUIRED]
Alts (comfortable playing for progression)

Balance druid -
Leveled it and brought the neck up to par 3 weeks before the start of progression but wasn't allowed by my previous guild to bring to farm raids or normal/heroic BoD.

Class Knowledge

Please tell us your opening rotation (bullet-point form or similar is fine). If you play multiple specialisations then please do this for each one


• 3s-2s prepull: Prepot and cast Haunt.
• First 2 or 3 gcds (depending on talents): Dotting up the boss (Agony->SL->Corruption)
• Dark Soul Misery
• UAs (4+PS+5th or 4+PS if Soulshard doesn't proc)
• Darkglare+on use trinket+racial
• Deathbolt
• Maintain 3 basic dots (using Pandemic) and as high uptime as possible on UA (for contagion)
• Overlap UAs at 1s if I have Cascading Calamity(trait)
• Haunt whenever off cd
• Drain when I have ID at >45stacks or need to burst
• Filler with Shadowbolt
• Refresh dots whenever moving regardless of if they have reached pandemic radius.
• When nearing another affliction burst phase (every 3m), start saving Soulshards and ID stacks for maximum burst value from on use trinket + DSM + DG.

• 4s prepull: Prepot and cast Demonbolt
• Demonic strength
• Nether portal
• Berserking
• Summon Dreadstalkers
• 1 Shadowbolt
• Grimoire: Felguard
• 1 Shadowbolt
• Summon Vilefiend
• 1 Shadowbolt
• Hand of Gul’dan
• 1 Shadowbolt
• Hand of Gul’dan
• 1 Shadowbolt
• Summon Demonic Tyrant + on use trinket
• Spam Shadowbolt up to 4 or 5 Souldshards and spend on Hand of guldan
• Keep Demonic Core procs for movement but never cap them at 4, so not to waste them.
• Keep all the summon cds on cooldown (Dreadstalkers, Vilefiend, Grimoire, Demonic strength), unless Demonic Tyrant cycle (every 1,5m is coming).
• Every 3m it’s Nether portal opener again which I have to try to maximise my summons during the 12-15s that it’s open.


• 4s-3s prepull: Prepot and cast double Incinerate at max distance or Cataclysm on bosses that have adds around them from the get go (Champion of the light, King Rastakhan)
• (Optional): Cataclysm if not used prepull.
• Summon Infernal
• Conflag into Double Chaos bolt
• 2 Incinerate casts
• Dark Soul instability + Berserking + on use trinket
• Conflag into Chaos bolt
• Incinerate/Refresh Immolate -> Soul Shard Building to 4+ and Double Chaos bolt
Just want to clarify that to me it feels like Destruction has the most volatile opener from the 3 specs because even though your Chaos bolt damage builds up for the 30s of Infernal (because of Grimoire), your prepot doesn’t last that long so even though ideally you’d use DSI 10s after infernal, sometimes you use it early to just pump the boss straight away. It still depends from fight to fight though. For Grong, you use DSI as late as possible (20s remaining on the infernal) to pump with Havoc on the first set of adds.

Havoc is used for the hardest hitting Chaos bolts you can accommodate on each fight during the opener, depending on Conflag crits you can pump up to 4 sets of Chaos bolts on two targets (at least that’s the best I’ve managed).

As for the rotation outside of your cds: Keep Cataclysm on cooldown and use it to refresh Immolate, if on cd, use Immolate of course. Other than that keep Conflag below 2 stacks at all times unless a burn phase is coming you need it for. Build up to 4+ shards and pump them with Havoc whenever possible. If Havoc is useful, it dictates your rotation outside of your cds.

Disclaimer: Destruction is my worse of the three specs, I had put the least time into it and I didn’t expect its value this tier because of how Affliction friendly it seemed to most people. I’ve tried to put as much time as possible into it since it was made obvious that it’s just the best spec for a lot if not most of the encounters.

Please tell us your general rotation or priority system (bullet-point form or similar is fine). If you play multiple specialisations then please do this for each one

I answered this question with the opening rotation. I hope it's not a problem.

Please list your current stat priority (screenshots of your character profile on SimCraft/RaidBots will also suffice), and then explain the benefits of each stat for your specialisation, making sure to include any softcaps or breakpoints you are aiming for

For Affliction warlocks, our stat weights are a balance between haste and mastery being our better secondary stats, however much blizzard allows us with the stat squish. Crit and Versa are rarely as desirable.

Haste makes our dots tick faster, we proc more shards through Agony, it's happy times for warlocks.
Mastery on the other hand makes our dots hit harder which is also desirable of course.

It's usually more beneficial to get more haste in a Single target fight while Mastery pulls ahead the more targets you have to spread your stuff around.

As evidenced below:

ST 1Boss fight 5m:




Critical Strike






DT 2Boss fight 5m:





Critical Strike






Please list your current talent setup, without abbreviations, detailing for each row whether the choice changes for Single Target, Cleave, and AoE

Tier lvl15: Deathbolt, undisputed best talent on the current build for any situation. Just does the most damage by far and is a core element of BfA affliction and the way it works with our cds.
Tier lvl30: For single target -> Siphon life, after one glorious week of Uldir when Writhe in Agony (Sudden onset stacking) was superior, we've been brought back to the hell that is 3 basic dots on single target fights.
Absolute corruption: Our multitarget cheat dot talent that reduces our maintenance of dots by 66%. Unless for some reason I manage to get 3 Sudden onset traits, this is used on basically most multitarget fights that it's impossible to maintain all three dots on more than 2 targets (Champion of the light, Jadefire, King).
Writhe in Agony: Only really worth it with certain traits and on certain fights but its maintenance is still probably not worth it on progression when mechanics are valued higher.
Tier lvl45: Burning rush: Our emo speed boost, most often used talent of the row. Fel armor is good when there is a lot of unavoidable constant damage (eg Mythrax) and Dark pact is good for fights you can sacrifice general mobility for the extra defensive (Mythic Opulence to drop debuffs more safely when people are trying to kill you).
Tier lvl60: Phantom Singularity: Best simming, most useful talent on this row, never changes without some hefty number balancing.
Tier lvl75: Demonic Circle because it's just the best, except for the rarest of bosses where cheating movement is not as useful as a hefty heal on demand (Vectis) which makes Mortal coil just slightly better.
Tier lvl90: Haunt is just the superior talent with the current balancing. There is a world where Shadow embrace on a strictly 2 boss fight like Jadefire is better but I'm having nightmares even considering having to maintain it over a really small dps increase.
Tier lvl100: Dark soul Misery: Affliction's current playstyle requires burst and this is our cd that complements our Darkglare so well, especially with BL.

An important note: failure to play optimal specialisations may result in loss of raid spot/being sat. Please confirm you have acknowledged this

Raid Related Info

What is your opinion on sitting during progression (potentially for multiple bosses)?

I raid to be a part of a team and achieve the same goal as everyone else. I will make sure to do whatever I can to convince you that I'm wasted on the bench. But regardless of effort or insane numbers, a class like warlock doesn't have for example an immunity, so I completely understand that for the sake of the kill, personal ambition can be put to the side and I will gladly give away my spot if it's required. If players on Method can sit on the bench and watch, I think I can swallow my ego and follow suit if it's for the best of the guild's progress.

What is your opinion on Private vs Public logging?

Public logging is a good motivational tool to keep content, that is on farm, fresh and engaging but has very very little value during progress. This tier especially logs for the first few weeks have so little value when getting BiS azerite pieces (with the extra ring) from the first couple of bosses just gives you an insane advantage over other people.

I just feel like private logging, especially during progression, just keeps people honest and focused on the real objective which is to kill bosses.

Background information

Please list your previous guilds and a brief reason for leaving each of them (current expansion)


I've been playing wow on and off since Tbc, but my raiding experience was quite basic at the time on the almost dead realm Xavius. I didn't really clear much and the first "serious" guild I joined after jumping from one friends guild to another was Destiny Awaits, which promptly disbanded, I trialed and failed for Whatever (still active on Auchindoun), overall I can't say I was particularly competitive as a warlock when I was 14, but I did pug and tank Illidan on the wotlk pre-patch so I can't say I didn't enjoy the game at the time.


Realm transferred to Ravencrest EU with a guild named Purple pixels and cleared most content on my shaman, healing for Nax and first half of Ulduar and then going Enh. Got my undying title and lost my Immortal one on 20% health KT because a warrior dced. The guild wasn't very competitive, we cleared normal 25man up to and including Lich King and then slowly disbanded and I quit the game.


I was studying and focusing on real life at the time so the wow addiction had subsided for a while so I never even subbed for a couple of weeks just to check the content. My only connection to wow was the trailers for each expansion and that was it.


WoD trailer and concept scratched an itch I didn't even know I had over TBC and I was back in the game 3-4 weeks after launch, not having any clue of how the game had evolved or what I was doing back in it.

Boosted a druid and wanted to heal on it but as soon as I joined a guild named F A T A L, it was made clear to me that I could only get a spot as a Balance druid, which no one seemed to want to play at the time (DUH, fuck that pendulum-ass-retarded bar). Cleared 5/7M Highmaul and 7/10M BRF with them, but people lost their drive and after more than 6 full nights of wiping on Maidens a lot of core raiders gave up and I had to move on if I wanted to raid.

I was instantly recruited by BBC NEWS that was trying to poach me for a while, since I was a rare spec. I got my CE on their second rekill that took more effort than I imagined since they had lost a good chunk of their core and it felt like re-progress. I cleared 10/10M BRF and moved on to HFC where I cleared 11/13M. After that, because of real life problems I unfortunately had to quit on the game once again.


For reasons I'd rather not get into, I resubbed for 7.3 to catch up with some old friends and to see how the game had evolved after the tragic expansion that WoD was. This time around I was back on my first main, the warlock, which I hadn't played since TBC. I joined Familiar with drama as a social (most of the BBC NEWS core had merged with them at the time, they've split up since then, it was more of a 1 tier deal), and participated in their mythic alt runs (5/11), heroic runs/boosts and did some or most of the advertising for their boost runs. At the time the most enjoyable thing for me was spamming mythic+ ( reaching this score purely from pugging with randoms and barely any mythic gear at the time.

Believing I needed to raid to get more gear I had to join a guild that would recruit me with only 5/11M, so I joined Civitas who at the time was 9/11, killing Aggramar on the reset I joined. A few months of Argus wiping and my desire to log to play anything but the farm raid had depleted.

Civitas had more ambitious plans for bfa launch so I decided to follow them, as well as some of the friends I had made at the time. The core seemed way more promising and by the end of the tier, regardless of a lot of hardships, people quitting etc, they improved their ranking from t21 (640+) to 320 for Uldir.

Even though BoD prep seemed promising and our core was solid, there were a few problems arising a couple of days before release. Mainly with the officer council making odd decisions over tanks and their prep during heroic week being abysmal. After barely two weeks of progress I had decided to start looking for other options since I couldn't handle the situation and I didn't want to go down the road our officers were leading the guild.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, 3 days ago our GM/RL announced that because of RL issues that have preoccupied him for the past 10+ days he's been unable to lead and manage the guild and he couldn't justify playing the game for the time being. As he was the main reason for my attachment to the guild, I was out straight away. But that didn't really matter cause the guild seized to function 1 day later after morale was so low and the rest of the council didn't think they could keep the show going.

TL:DR I like to stay loyal to guilds that give me the opportunity to perform and I never even consider to leave without plenty of cause. I want to feel like every other member of the team is putting similar effort in the game as I do and I don't appreciate it when people half-ass it and waste everyone's time.

Why have you chosen to apply to Weeping Angels?

I've been considering joining the better faction for a long time, but I never found the right time because of friends or guilds. I think I need a fresh start and it feels like it's now or never kind of.

I want to join a guild that doesn't progress for multiple months while reprogressing farm bosses and can barely cut it down to a 1 day farm raid by the end of the tier. I like to be appreciated for the effort I put in the game and I also appreciate everyone else's time by not wasting it.

Sorry for the walls of text. I try to be thorough, this is the first and most likely only impression you'll have of me so I'd rather be on the "too much" than "too little" side of the spectrum. Thanks for your time.


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Hey Envydia,

Thanks for applying to Weeping Angels.

Sadly, we cannot find strong enough evidence in your application to convince us that you would be a competitive fit in our team, and therefore I will be declining this application.

Good luck with your guild hunt!
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