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Submitted on: Sep 27, 2018 at 11:51 AM
I confirm that I have read the above guild rules and that failure to conform to these may result in loss of raid spot
If there are occasional issues with attendance, please let us know here

Non at this moment. I can't promise for the future.

Personal information


Yannik Greisen







Character information

Battletag [OPTIONAL]


Race and Class
Blood Elf Monk
Main Spec


Off Spec(s) (only include if viable for progression)

WarcraftLogs Character Profile [REQUIRED]

Class Knowledge

Please tell us your opening rotation (bullet-point form or similar is fine). If you play multiple specialisations then please do this for each one

There's isn't a rotation like this in healing. But I can explain my prioritizing of which spell to use.

Renewing Mist: I use this spell on cd almost. There are cases where I get 2 for applying them before a massive hit. Generally used together with Thunder focus tea for extended buff time to 30 sec.

Vivify: Used when multiple damaged players nearby, either not enough for an essence font or on CD. Heals players with renewing mist for an amount as well.

Essence font: Main AOE heal. Used on cooldown in multiple fights. Best used with alot of damaged players nearby. Does a ton of healing and leaves a small HoT. Used anytime raidwide AOE damage.

Detox: Simple dispel.

Soothing mist: HoT that makes multiple spells instant. Used only when healing high damage to single target. Has 1 sec GCD. Faster to cast a single Vivify and move on.
Rarely used.

Revival: Used to emergency heal or in a CD order.

Talents change around a lot depending on the encounter.

During low healing. I fistweave this is simply to regenerate mana and do damage.

Please tell us your general rotation or priority system (bullet-point form or similar is fine). If you play multiple specialisations then please do this for each one

AOE: Renewing mist on CD > Essence font > Chi Burst > Vivify
Single target: Maintain renewing Mist > Enveloping Mist (If high damage) > Vivify

Maintain Statue channeling Soothing.

Please list your current stat priority (screenshots of your character profile on SimCraft/RaidBots will also suffice), and then explain the benefits of each stat for your specialisation, making sure to include any softcaps or breakpoints you are aiming for


Crit = Bigger heals. Essence font is most of Monk heals, doesn't get a lot from mast/haste. Therefor Crit and vers.

Please list your current talent setup, without abbreviations, detailing for each row whether the choice changes for Single Target, Cleave, and AoE

Lvl 15:
Chi burst this is for AOE
Mist wrap for tanksitting
Lvl 45:
Spirit of the crane (Generates 0,65% mana each cast)
Lifecycles for tanksitting
Lvl 75
Diffuse Magic (For magic hits)
Dampen Harm (For multiple big hits within a short time)
Lvl 90
RJW: Stacked AOE heal.
SJS: Statue channels soothing mist for 30 sec.
Crane: Good for most fights where you're split
Lvl 100
Upwelling most fights longer essence font = More AOE heals
Focused thunder: For dungeons

I haven't described all talents.

An important note: failure to play optimal specialisations may result in loss of raid spot/being sat. Please confirm you have acknowledged this

Raid Related Info

What is your opinion on sitting during progression (potentially for multiple bosses)?

I'd rather be a part of the kill. But if it's necessary I'd understand it.

What is your opinion on Private vs Public logging?

Doesn't matter for me. I'm not aiming for high ranks in healing. I aim to keep people alive and get the boss down. I dont use CD's if not necessary. Simply to get a better rank.

Background information

Please list your previous guilds and a brief reason for leaving each of them (current expansion)

Danish Twister = Current guild. We only raid 2 times a week. Haven't had any problems with them, Besides people wanting to sell BOE instead of gearing raiders.

Why have you chosen to apply to Weeping Angels?

I can't give a reason. You're one of many guilds on Draenor. Haven't talked either written with any from the guild. So There's no way for me to give a reason. But the raid times are perfect :)

I like CAKE!!!



Hello there Yannik!

We will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible! :)

Hello there Yannik!

We've decided to decline your application based non existing previous raid experience & no proof of class mastery.

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