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Submitted on: Sep 02, 2018 at 11:27 PM
I confirm that I have read the above guild rules and that failure to conform to these may result in loss of raid spot
If there are occasional issues with attendance, please let us know here

Personal information






Closer to 30 than 20.



Character information

Battletag [OPTIONAL]

Race and Class
Undead Mage
Main Spec


Off Spec(s) (only include if viable for progression)

Arcane/Fire (if)

Alts (comfortable playing for progression)

I can pick up any class/spec there is in short amount of time if it's needed/decided.

At the moment I have my druid on 120, though. Wanted to revive Feral, but it was so horrible to play it, that I just dropped it for mage (for now).

I enjoy playing alts, but lack the motivation since I'm guild-less, hopefully not much longer, though.

Class Knowledge

Please tell us your opening rotation (bullet-point form or similar is fine). If you play multiple specialisations then please do this for each one

Prepot into precast Frostbolt - Icy veins/trinkets/racials - Frost orb + Comet storm - couple of Ice lances that proc from Frost orb - Frostbolt up until 5 stacks of Icicles - Glacial spike followed by (hopefully) procced Flurry into Ice lance.

This is a general idea of "opener" for Frost mage with single target spec. There are lot's of variables though, that's why there is a priority system for what to use when.

Please tell us your general rotation or priority system (bullet-point form or similar is fine). If you play multiple specialisations then please do this for each one

Most of the damage comes from Glacial spike, which should always be buffed by Flurrys proc, so this brings us to a priority system that should be followed.
-frost orb, icy veins, comet storm, trinkets on cd
-always (or rather ideally) cast glacial spike followed by insta flurry
-ice lance followed by insta flurry
-ice lance on fingers of frost proc (situational)
-frostbolt as filler

It is a pretty simple priority, but to get there are other things to watch out for to get the most out of the spec in certain situations..
-saving ice lance procs if you know that that you will have to move soon
-delaying ice lance/comet casts to cast them with higher incanters flow percentage etc.
-it's the little things in life

Please list your current stat priority (screenshots of your character profile on SimCraft/RaidBots will also suffice), and then explain the benefits of each stat for your specialisation, making sure to include any softcaps or breakpoints you are aiming for

"Currently" simcraft says that my stat weights are:
1.71 for Int
1.26 for Crit
1.25 for Versa
1.25 for Haste
1.02 for Mastery

I've been simming since I got into blue heroic gear, and stat weights didn't change much.
Crit, versa and haste were so close to each other all the time, that it wasn't worth mentioning what stats I'm going for, except that I don't want too much of mastery for now. Bottom line is, higher ilvl item is going to be an upgrade in 8 out of 10 times regardless of stats, since the weights will change with every piece you change..
There is one breakpoint (33 something % crit) though, at which point crit loses a lot of value, since you get shatter capped.

Please list your current talent setup, without abbreviations, detailing for each row whether the choice changes for Single Target, Cleave, and AoE

Lonely winter - I don't like playing with pets, so clear choice for me personally. Difference in "simmed dps" compared to Bone chilling is 1-2%, negligible.

Shimmer - One of the best utility spells in the game in my opinion

Incanter's flow - Because using Rune of power can screw you up big time + being able to squeeze extra damage when Incanter's flow is on 5 stacks is nice

Frozen touch - I simply prefer it over Ebon bolt because I like percentage over the fact that you "might" get flurry proc for every 5th stored icicle and never end up using Ebon bolt. Worst case scenario is that you get flurry for 2 glacials in a row, then cast ebon bolt because its just sitting there, and then flurry procs again right after it.. -smh

Frigid winds - Superior in outdoor content/dungeons; Ring of frost will probably be useful at some point in raids or M+

Comet storm - Should be used in raids for single target dps, Splitting ice does way more damage when there's cleave and is superior in dungeon content

Glacial spike - Because playstyle and because it's superior to other two options for now.

An important note: failure to play optimal specialisations may result in loss of raid spot/being sat. Please confirm you have acknowledged this

Raid Related Info

What is your opinion on sitting during progression (potentially for multiple bosses)?

Honest answer? I don't like sitting out since the biggest reason for me to play WoW is being able to progress, but I understand that it's sometimes necessary, and you will probably never see me complain if it's for the greater good of progress.

What is your opinion on Private vs Public logging?

This is totally up to the guild leadership to decide.
We used to use private logging simply to hide certain information that might give other guilds ideas on how to kill the boss before us.. Might sound cheesy, but when you're downing bosses in first two days, it kind of makes sense; especially if realm rivalry is in question.
I read that some people mention that logs should go private to discourage dps whoring.. In my opinion this really shouldn't be the case in high profile guilds, but might make sense for some casual guilds.. I guess.

Background information

Please list your previous guilds and a brief reason for leaving each of them (current expansion)

Not much to say here since I'm not a guild hopper.

My latest guild was VLC-Draenor (Legion). Bunch of friends play there, and I decided to join them in Legion to raid casually. I have left the guild because I didn't feel like raiding full time from expansion to expansion with not much to show.

Most notable guild I was in was in MoP - Flat Earth Society-Sunstrider. I have joined them right at the start of MoP (10-man), and stayed there until we eventually broke down under the pressure of 20man raiding in WoD. We started off quite decent with top100 kills, but disbanded on Furnace..

Why have you chosen to apply to Weeping Angels?

I've been lurking around in WoW without serious progress for a while now, and I'd like to get back to proper raiding, since that's one of the few reasons I still sub to WoW.

Ideally I would like to clear the content in short amount of time with 3 raid days per week at most, and your guild is doing just that!
Another reason is being a part of like-minded community. Playing solo sucks :/

Since I don't have much to show for from Legion apart from some heroic and early mythic bosses, here's some links from my previous guild that I've raided pretty hardcore in. Also worth mentioning that I was an officer.
My PoV's are from SoO onwards.
Unpure - Warlock and later on "Salty" Poosie - Feral druid.
There's also some PoVs that were used for Fatboss guides from HoF, but probably irrelevant anyway.

That's about it from me - looking forward to hearing from you.




Hey Mladen,

Thank you for the application. From what I read, your mage has private logs, which is backed up by my not finding any recent ones for the sunstrider character.

Is there any mage-related logs you can provide. Your lock heroic logs look fine (though i was suprised there were no affliction logs?) but its very hard for me to look into your actual execution of mage theory without any form of logs at all.

After looking through your app, these are the questions we have for you.

You write you do IL before flurry? why is this? as IL hit before flurry debuff will hit the target, as they both travel at the same speed, and GCD will interfere with it.

How long would you delay your IL / Comet storms for your Incanter's Flow to reach its high stacks? as this would overall in a fight result in less casts, lost procs ect.

You write that you choose Lonely Winter over Bone Chilling, which is due to interaction with pet. but on bosses where the freeze effect from pet is not needed, the interaction with pet is 0 throughout a fight.
You also write that you run Frozen Touch for more FoF procs and BF procs, but after simming and refreshing what the mage communities says, which overall could result in less GS crits due to having a guaranted BF every 45 sec. as the increase from Frozen Touch is from 15 -> 18% on FoF and 25 -> 30% on BF

You write that Splitting Ice would be better in cleave / Dungeon scenario, and i understand the reasoning behind 2-4 target constant cleave for GS and IL hits, but for dungeons and hectic add cleave fights, Comet storm + Pet freeze should come out ahead. what is your view on this?

Finally, can you give me your take on Arcane VS frost in their current state.

There are no mage logs, because I have mainly played Warlock/Feral up until now. There are quite some mythic logs for my Warlock as well, just not from the last couple of bosses.

Regarding the IL-Flurry, Wrong choice of words (switch by with after), IL should "follow" flurry after GS-Flurry.. Honest typing mistake.

IL has two charges, so saving at least one has it's benefits in every case, staying capped on 2 can potentially result in DPS loss, so it's ill advised to hold on to both stacks.
Saying those things on top of my head.. It's theory, there are lots of variables in combat, and things like that give you flexibility as in what to do with your spells.

BF procs.. Could, indeed it could result in less GS. Back to sims - theoretical difference for my char for those two talent choices is about 1%.
I played with both talents a lot through the dungeons, and "personally" I didn't feel like I needed Ebon bolt to fill out my GS. I'd say this will change a lot when our gear gets us closer to the crit cap, because at the moment you're just hoping for GS to crit with BF..

Splitting Ice / Comet storm - you're probably right, it should come out ahead, or better to say it could. Will have to wait for some higher M+ keys what kind of a difference this makes. Theory.. :)

Arcane vs Frost uh.. In my opinion frost just feels better to play at the moment, and it will be bis to start the raids with. The difference in "sims" isn't as big at the moment, and frost doesn't suffer from random movement as much as Arcane does.
We will see more about that in the first week when Heroic/Normals are played out/cleared.

Without logs, it has been very tough to assess your application to our guild. And, while some of your answers were spot-on, I feel some of the issues I flagged up were not responded to.

I also was interested in your answer to our Arcane VS Frost. For us, playing multiple specs is a mandatory requirement to ensure optimal output, and right now arcane does have multiple ways of working around movement fight, while simming higher for many scenarios.

Best of luck in your guild search,

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