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Status: REJECTED (Class is full)
Submitted on: Mar 09, 2017 at 08:34 PM
I confirm that I will abide by the rules and continue to research my class and optimise my raid toon, I agree to abide by these runs, to continue to optimise my toon and keep up to date in class development.
I confirm that I am free to raid on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 7.15pm-11.15pm and that I can listen on Discord (preferably both listen and speak).
I confirm I have read the example application and will strive, where applicable to my class, to put in a high level of effort and depth of information into the subsequent sections of my application. Link to the example application:
If there are occasional issues with attendance, please let us know here

Some times my work might intrerfere, but most of the time i am able to plan around it and swap shifts. Maintained 90-95%+ in my former guild

Personal information









Speedtest: Please do a speedtest on ( and link us your result below.

Character information

Battletag? [OPTIONAL]


Race and Class
Blood Elf Death Knight
Main spec


Itemlvl (mainspec)




Itemlvl (offspec)


Warcraft logs URL [REQUIRED]

Please explain in detail your opener

I have legendary shoulders, so my opener varies from the "standard". Shoulders give me 6 seconds of 100% crit (9 with subterfuge after vanish), so i have 15 seconds of 100% crit in my opener:

garrote -> mut -> rup -> kingsbane -> mut -> vendetta -> vanish + envenom (macro) -> garrote (125% subt bonus) -> mut -> env -> DoS -> mut + envenom spam untill shoulder buff runs out

With good procs i can reach 2,5-3 million in my opener

Please explain your rotation, if any

From there on it's about managing (and tracking) surge of toxins, energy and CP's. You want to keep it up in intervals for as long as u can since it buffs agonizing poisons effect, which buffs your envenoms while it is on ..and here the balance and decisions start affecting your overall dps. Should i pool for energy, or keep spamming envenoms. generally the optimal window for pooling is when rupture is about to run out. SoT buffs the dmg on application, so while rupture is running out, rupture still benefits from SoT, so you don't lose buffed dmg as opposed to mindlessly spamming envenoms not buffed by SoT. Once in a while, you reach a point where it is beneficial to pool even with full duration rupture and garrote, but with vendetta on a 40-50 second CD, that doesn't happen as often, if u ensure to pool with SoT buffed ruptures.

CD tracking:
You want to line up your cooldowns as good as you can. It's a balance between how much time is in between the CD's and how well they line up. I have CoF, boots and run with 2 relics reducing my vendetta CD, which means i have 40-50% vendetta uptime. This is huge, but CD reduction is dependant on spending energy, so the best cause of action, unless something is < 5-10 seconds, is just using it.

Can it be lined up with vanish or kingsbane, that is what you want to do. If that is not possible, you want to have as close to full CP's and energy when both KB and vanish comes up. KB is buffed by poison applications, which are added by skillshots and melee hits.

The uber bursterino window is when vanish comes off CD. With shoulders and 4 set bonus and the stars aligning, i can reach 2-2.5 mill burst windows without pots or BL. 9 seconds window of 100% crit which is basically:

mut -> 4 pt envenom, mut -> 4 pt envenom untill the buff or energy expires. With DoS and vendetta, this is pretty significant.

I think those are the main points worth describing.

Please explain your current stat priority, this includes gems, enchants & set bonusses you are currently going for

stat prio for me is:

Mast (0.9) > vers (0.71) > crit (0.70)

I like to have a bit of crit, since the 4 set bonus favours heavy envenoms and my shoulders favour lots of them. My legendaries synergize rly well with the 4 set bonus (30% to envenom). CP's are super important, i try to go for a little extra crit so i most of the time, get 5 CP's with 2 mutilates.

Please explain your current talents and glyphs, explain why you are using them, when if and why you change your talents for any current encounter:

Master Poisoner: together with SoT this is a multiplier for agonizing poison which buffs my overall dmg
Subterfuge: Together with shoulders and 4 set bonus, this is the best talent since it gives u 3 seconds more to your 100% crit window.
Vigor: rogue talent flavour of the month, extra energy and regen (apparently, rogues were in beta until 7.1.5)
Cheat death: better talent could argue for elusiveness, but u rly shouldn't ST dmg ever.
Agonizing poison: Bread and butter of assassination ..with max mastery gear this buffs my dmg by 40% at 5 stacks
Venom rush: extra energy regen

Background information

Raid experience (Current and previous)

Vanilla: MC, BWL, AQ40 (kiled ouro, but not C'thun) and first 3 bosses of Naxx40 as a warlock
TBC: Burned out early, think i got magtheridon down
WotLK: Came back for ICC, geared up and got HC LK down as holypriest
Cata: Didn't play
MoP: came back in 5.4, killed SoO endboss on my priest as healer on HC, went PvP from then on
WoD: Got tired of healing and started raiding casually on my rogue. Got curve in HM with 2 mythic Kargth kills. The guild wasnt very good and a few weeks after BRF released i had to swap countries and my interest in the game lingered off since i couldn't play after i moved back home. Latency on 3g was to bad to play

I decided to commit to playing wow and see how well i could do, since i never gave it my all because of my RL or other factors. I started the expansion as outlaw, but that got nerfed the 2nd week of EN, so i had to bite the bullet and go assassination. The first 2 guilds i was in were mediocre at best, no mythic potential. The guild i just left was getting started when i joined, originally a pure Norwegian guild, but they realised, soon after i came, their mythic aspirations were futile if they didn't recruit other nationalities. The reason i joined them, was because they had similar experience to me. I don't like joining a guild way above me, i like to see the encounters and progress with the team.
When i joined i believe they were 6600th world on Nythendra and got Xavius down 2700th. We then started ToV and killed Guarm as 1430th post nerf ...decent progress comparatively. Then 7.1.5 launched and it was meaningless to even start on Helya with one reset left until NH.
NH launched and we clear HC and normal in a breeze. Mythic after the first 3, not so much. Having a bottom fourth of your raid is way more punishing in NH than EN. Being on a bad server makes recruitment tedious at best, but i suppose that is for later sections. We killed botanist as our fourth, after 3 weeks, heavily impacted by people no moving out of solar collapses, not realising CoN targets shouldn't stand together (80 pulls in) and other dumb shit. We didn't have the dmg to go straight for Krosus and the consensus on mmo-champion seemed to be Botanist was next in line if you didn't have the output.

Screenshot of UI in RAID COMBAT (LFR is ok)
Previous guilds and reasons for leaving

I played wow for 12 years. I am just going to list the legion guilds, as the past expansions i havent been in any significant guilds or been in pvp guilds.

Stood in Fire:
People actually stood in fire. I realized after a week or 2, that noone except the officers were reading up on bosses and they had a hard time killing ursoc and il'gnyth on HC.

Danish guild; these guys seemed to have potential. After 2 weeks and killing xavius HC i believe, they disbanded since 4 of the best players left for other guilds.

Hyjal Kids Hyjal wife:
Able to kill xavius HC, again, with half the guild not able to do mythic, we decided to try and join up with another guild and see if our combined best forces, could kill mythic nythendra. The passive aggressivenes that ensued between the respective guilds officers quickly killed that plan and we were back to square one with 23% nythendra wipes.

Ice Cold Flex:
My most current guild. Joined them when they were at 1/7 EN 1. of november and we progressed somewhat smoothly up until the eye. We had some tanking issue and it felt like it was touch and go there for a while. Some of our top dps got poached by other guilds and our MT split. I am pretty vocal in raids in terms of tactics and call outs so it was around this time i was promoted to officer (around dec 1st). We recruited some extra people and soon the eye went down with Cenarius and Xavius in quick succession. We were plagued by our MT having 10FPS at boss fights and a bad connection, but in spite of this, we still managed decent ToV progress in late December/ early January. We kept this main tank around, in spite of mine and most the officers arguments for removing him from the raidgroup and alternatives being available, for 3 months. The gm was pretty adamant about keeping him around. The race for NH started and when we hit the 2nd week of mythic, the issues with the bad tank became so punishing, that we had to replace him, 1 and a half months to late imo. The first three were like EN difficulty and we realized we had a bottom 4th of the raid that just didn't cut it. For the past 3 months i have been recruiting non-stop, preparing tactics before raid along with the GM so we were ready. I added probably 100-150 people on wowprogress and b-net. After spamming the recruitment macro on a dying horde server 800 times and getting maybe 2 players worth a damn, u realize there is little that can be done. Convincing people to migrate was a mouthfull, but we managed to somewhat keep up with the people falling of and raiding at our set days and times. Like i mentioned: we spent 3 weeks on botanist with 92 pulls. Killing it with 5 healers because we have people unable to do relatively simple mechanics. There wasn't much change to the strategy and overall, it isn't that hard of a fight, but personal responsibility weighs high on that fight and we had alot of repeat offenders that we couldn't replace.
Our discord was silent, except for the RL and me calling out. That is a good thing during raids, but i have never experienced anything like it. I suspect alot of the norwegian core was on skype which would also explain the amount of low callouts during fights, the silence was timed with making the guild english.
And then there was, what i can best describe as "weird managerial decisions". Like keeping that tank on for so long, cancelling 23 sign up raids 5 minutes after raid start, going spellblade after 3 weeks of botanist with a 904 avg. ilvl grp. Stuff like that. There were starting to become some frictions because i disagreed with some of his decisions. I am not a victim of an evil gm, nor am i the worlds greatest rogue, but slowly i started to not enjoy raiding with the group anymore. My motivation for playing declined and honestly, i don't play the game to fight an uphill recruitment battle with people ruining attempts with low performance and 30-40% bracket lvl dps.
I finally had enough after a discussion with the GM ending up with him calling me retarded because he got salty over me not agreeing with him and arguing for going krosus over spellblade. It was a slow build-up. After hearing the people i do m+ with killing bota and 25-50 pulls and things being the way they were, i had to stop and think what i was doing with my time and why i played. It sure wasn't to be unhappy in a guild with raids i didn't enjoy. So to not get complacent, i left.

Order of Sargeras:
In the first raid the GM literally solo talked for 1 and a half hours. I think it was supposed to be a pep talk, but basically their raidleader and 8 of the other better dps's had left over the past 2 weeks, the other RL'er had "rl-issues" he had to attend. SO we couldn't kill spellblade, a boss they normally had farm. Thursdays raid we wiped on bota, krosus, and almost tico ..HC. And today he chose to dissband the guild as a mythic raiding guild. So i am looking for a new guild, as raiding is the only thing (along with m+) i think is fun in the game.

Reason behind applying for Weeping Angels

The guild i joined on Kazzak literally raid disbanded the week i joined. I am not a guild hopper, i am looking for a new home in a good raid-environment as raiding and playing wow is what i love doing :)

Write any additional information you feel you need to tell in your apply



Applied as DK, am rogue. Don't find an edit button.
blood elf outlaw dk :D what is this new class? :O
Hi Rnngwthscsrs,

Thanks for the interest and application to our guild.

We will review your application and get back to you within the next couple days.

Hi Rnngwthscsrs,

We have reviewed your application and we have decided that we are no longer interested in adding another rogue to our roster.

Thanks again for the application and good luck with your guild hunt.
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