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Status: REJECTED (Joined another guild)
Submitted on: Dec 03, 2016 at 04:35 AM
I confirm that I will abide by the rules and continue to research my class and optimise my raid toon, I agree to abide by these runs, to continue to optimise my toon and keep up to date in class development.
I confirm that I am free to raid on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 7.45pm-11pm and that I can listen on Team Speak (preferably both listen and speak).
I confirm I have read the example application and will strive, where applicable to my class, to put in a high level of effort and depth of information into the subsequent sections of my application. Link to the example application:
If there are occasional issues with attendance, please let us know here

Personal information








United Kingdom

Speedtest: Please do a speedtest on ( and link us your result below.

Character information

Battletag? [OPTIONAL]


Race and Class
Blood Elf Monk
Main spec


Itemlvl (mainspec)




Itemlvl (offspec)



Elemental Shaman - 855
Mage - ~860

I am confident in playing both classes because I have mained a ranged for about 9-10 years. My former main was a mage.

Please explain in detail your opener

There are multiple openers each depending on the boss. As I have the legendary gloves, I can Touch of Death on two targets in the 3 seconds window.

A normal opener would look something like this:

Chi Wave -> Flying Serpent Kick -> Prepot -> Chi Wave -> Roll to boss (If too far away) -> Tiger Palm -> Touch of Death -> Serenity -> Rising Sun Kick -> Strike of the Windlord -> Fists of Fury -> Spinning Crane Kick -> Blackout Kick -> Serenity Ends -> Energizing Elixir -> Rising Sun Kick -> Tiger Palm -> Fists of Fury

This opener may vary depending on the Bloodlust. If we Bloodlust on pull, I might get 1 more cast of Rising Sun Kick during serenity/one more Spinning Crane Kick.

If there are two targets from the start such as Odyn:

Chi Wave -> Prepot -> roll to boss -> Tiger Palm -> Touch of Death -> Flying Serpent Kick to the other boss -> Touch of Death -> Serenity
The rotation continues as displayed above.

Please explain your rotation, if any

Some of the most important things are to use Rising Sun Kick and FoF off CD as much as you can. Another important thing is to keep Hit Combo up.

When talented into Serenity, this CD is used a bit different during the fight as it is during the opener. When you use Serenity during the fight, you need to track your CD on RSK/FoF and SotW. You need to have RSK on about 2 second CD, FoF on about 14 and SotW on about 12 seconds CD. The reason why we want that is the fact that Serenity halves the CD down on all chi consumer abilities, so if we use SotW during serenity we have a 20 second CD on it after we come out of it instead of 40. This means we always want to use FoF and SotW somewhere during our Serenity and we always want to cast Serenity when FoF has a 14 second CD and SotW a 12 second CD. As I said before, Serenity cuts the CD on all chi spenders by half which means we gain about 20+ seconds on each sotw if we cast it during our serenity.

Please explain your current stat priority, this includes gems, enchants & set bonusses you are currently going for

Agi > all secondary stats
Versatility somewhere under 4500 of Mastery
Crit around 500 less than Versatility
Haste as less as possible as it is our worst stat

In AoE situation, Haste becomes a bit better as it increases our Energy regen and we can use more SCK.

I gem according to what stats I am lacking. I sim myself quite often to check which stat will I benefit from more.

Same goes for the enchant.

No set bonuses currently in game except for the CoS/Arcway set bonuses. I can't use those as I use the legendary glove.

Please explain your current talents and glyphs, explain why you are using them, when if and why you change your talents for any current encounter:

Chi Wave - easier to maintain hit combo as it has a 15 second cooldown and no cast time like Chi Burst
Chi Torpedo - this is mostly preference, I like Chi Torpedo more than Tiger's Lust as it travels a longer speed, but Tiger's Lust is useful on encounters like Dragons.
Energizing Elixir - superior to all other talents from that tree. 5 chi per minute + energy > 4 chi per minute > Ascension
Leg Sweep - Stun always comes in handy when needed. For example on Odyn you can stun the adds on the platforms if a spear spawns on top of it so the ranged can continue to dps the add.
Healing Elixir - Personal preference, although on some fight Dampen Harm and Diffuse Magic is also useful. Diffuse Magic can be used to clear brambles on Cenarius for example.
Hit Combo - 16% damage buff throught 99% of the fight is much superior to all other talents from that tree.
Serenity - Makes the spec harder to play and gives higher reward if used right. Superior to WDP.

Background information

Raid experience (Current and previous)

I will do a small history of each expansion I've played. Apart from Vanilla and WoD, I have raided in every expansion.

I didn't raid in Vanilla as I was very young then, but I started my raiding "career" in TBC as a mage and continued later as a Protection Paladin. My guild back then was formed by Romanians and we were raiding only 10 man. We cleared Karazhan and ZA with ease. I was mostly alternating between Protection Paladin and my mage.

When Wrath of the Lich King came, I went back to my mage. I cleared Ulduar, ToC and ICC with more than 80% done on hard-mode/heroic. I have cleared Naxxramas as well, but that one didn't really have difficult encounters.

During Cataclysm I cleared most of the content with a couple of heroic kills in Dragon Soul as well. Firelands, BWD, BoT have also been cleared, but I would lie if I tell you how many bosses I did on heroic, because I can't remember. I know we did a couple in Firelands, but I am not sure about the others.

MoP is my most successful one. I raided semi-hardcore during MoP with 4 raids per week consisting of 4-5 hours.I transferred servers in MoP from Dentarg to Ragnaros and I joined a 10-man guild (Sacrifice). We were progressing on Garrosh Heroic ( Mythic ) after 3-4 months of content release, but Garrosh heroic was quite hard on 10 man and we had like 2-3 weeks of almost no progress and the guild also fell apart. I have joined another guild after that and I killed Garrosh heroic in March 2014. I also cleared ToT on Mythic as well, including Ra-den. As I mentioned before, this was my most successful expansion and the one I spent most of my time and attention with as I wanted to clear the content and prove to myself that I can be among some of the best.

Regarding Warlords of Draenor, I can't say much about Warlords as I haven't really raided here. I decided to join the Alliance, because a couple of friends wanted to create characters on Silvermoon and I wanted to try something new as well. I created this warrior and quite enjoyed it since the beginning. I didn’t really commit to a raiding guild during this expansion because it was my 1st year at the university and I wanted to get used to it. Now that Legion is coming, I want to start raiding again. I managed to clear HFC heroic, but that’s not that of a big deal.

Three months before Legion started, the former officers from the 10 man guild I used to raid with in Pandaria decided to form another one and I joined them. I rerolled to monk then and we managed to clear 7/7 Mythic EN being 18th on the server and around 600-700 in the world. We also had a 2.5% wipe on Odyn Mythic.

Screenshot of UI in RAID COMBAT (LFR is ok)
Previous guilds and reasons for leaving

This goes a very long way back to TBC so I will do as I did in the previous section. I will list every expansion and say the guilds I have been part of. I will also list the server as I have changed it.

Dentarg (EU) - Horde

- Divide et Impera

-Divide et Impera ( guild more or less disbanded with people joining other guilds)
-Ocularis Infernum ( was mage Class Leader in that guild, raided with them during half of Ulduar, guild disbanded)
-Permanent Solution (This is the guild the people from Divide et Impera went to and i joined them as well during Ulduar (the other half) and ICC progress. The guild master was Daegar, I don't think he is still playing unfortunately.)

-Permanent Solution ( guild disbanded )

This is where I transferred to Ragnaros (EU) - Horde somwhere mid-expansion.
-Sacrifice (former 10 man guild, guild master is still playing, his name is Ludis, I will talk about him when I get to the Legion part - guild disbanded)
-Charlie Foxtrot (former top 5 guild on Ragnaros EU - guild disbanded, Funks was the guild master, not sure if she is still playing)

Silvermoon (EU) - Alliance and Ragnaros (EU) - Horde
-No guild really, pugged content with mage and warrior.
-Nation ( joined them right 3 months before Legion release )

Draenor (EU) - Horde
-Nation ( guild ran by the same officers from the 10 man guild Sacrifice, Ludis and Walkinjunior, both playing the game. The guild has stopped raiding since last night. )

Reason behind applying for Weeping Angels

Weeping Angels seems like a serious guild who wants to finish current tier before nerfs/prior to other tier releases. I am in search of serious people that challenge each other to become better. I have also heard good things about you, so that was a + when deciding to apply.

Write any additional information you feel you need to tell in your apply

I am a versatile play and can do things the guild needs me to do. For example, I have tanked the drakes on Cenarius Mythic in order to cheese the whole strategy and get an easier kill.



Excuse some of the mistakes such as "play" instead of "player". I wasn't able to edit it after I posted.
Hi Seb,

Thanks for your interest and application to our guild.

I will have our monks look over it and get back to you hopefully within a couple days.
I will cancel my application, thank you!
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