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Status: REJECTED (Class is full)
Submitted on: Nov 21, 2016 at 03:03 PM
I confirm that I will abide by the rules and continue to research my class and optimise my raid toon, I agree to abide by these runs, to continue to optimise my toon and keep up to date in class development.
I confirm that I am free to raid on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 7.45pm-11pm and that I can listen on Team Speak (preferably both listen and speak).
I confirm I have read the example application and will strive, where applicable to my class, to put in a high level of effort and depth of information into the subsequent sections of my application. Link to the example application:
If there are occasional issues with attendance, please let us know here

Personal information









Speedtest: Please do a speedtest on ( and link us your result below.

Character information

Battletag? [OPTIONAL]

Race and Class
Blood Elf Priest
Main spec


Itemlvl (mainspec)

875 Equipt



Itemlvl (offspec)



Please explain in detail your opener

Prolonged power at 2
Renew on both tanks
Prayer of Mending
Arrcane Torrent

Please explain your rotation, if any

As a healer I react to incoming damage and know boss mechanics so can be prepared for large damage.

Raid damage Serenity followed by sancify, prayer of healing and then sancify.

Please explain your current stat priority, this includes gems, enchants & set bonusses you are currently going for

Int is the main stat
Mastery as it is a huge deal for holy priests.
Crit is the second state

Gems would be 200+int and 150 mastery

Please explain your current talents and glyphs, explain why you are using them, when if and why you change your talents for any current encounter:

Trail of light as it is a huge increase healing for flash heal
angelic feather for great movement speed
After life as if the fight is almost over and I am oom, its a great way to increase output to get the boss down incase of large damage.

Background information

Raid experience (Current and previous)

EN (7/7)Hc
EN (2/7)M
ToV (1/3)Hc
ToV (3/3) N

Been around since BC.

Screenshot of UI in RAID COMBAT (LFR is ok)

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving

Didn't aggree with the raid leader on his homophobic views

Reason behind applying for Weeping Angels

Heard great things about your performance and manners

Write any additional information you feel you need to tell in your apply



Hi Tommy,

Thank you for your interest and application to our guild, we will review it and get back to you within the next day or two.
Hey Tommy,

We have considered your application and have come to the conclusion that unfortunately, being that we currently have five main spec healers, we cannot find space for another. For this reason, I am going to decline your application.

Thanks again and good luck in your guild hunt!
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