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Submitted on: Oct 28, 2016 at 05:40 PM
I confirm that I will abide by the rules and continue to research my class and optimise my raid toon, I agree to abide by these runs, to continue to optimise my toon and keep up to date in class development.
I confirm that I am free to raid on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 7.45pm-11pm and that I can listen on Team Speak (preferably both listen and speak).
I confirm I have read the example application and will strive, where applicable to my class, to put in a high level of effort and depth of information into the subsequent sections of my application. Link to the example application:
If there are occasional issues with attendance, please let us know here

Every 4'th Sunday i can't raid due to work, but that will end in december.

Personal information









Speedtest: Please do a speedtest on ( and link us your result below.

Character information

Battletag? [OPTIONAL]


Race and Class
Blood Elf Mage
Main spec


Itemlvl (mainspec)




Itemlvl (offspec)



Zrel - Warrior - 883 ilvl - Frostwhisper -2 legendaries
Zrél - Paladin - 840 ilvl - Frostwhisper - 0 legendaries
Míllerz - Priest - 850 ilvl - Frostwhisper - 1 legendary
Millerz - Death Knight - 830 ilvl - Frostwhisper - 0 legendaries.

Please explain in detail your opener

Fire opener.

Pre-use Wiggeling Sinew (as the buff lasts longer than needed)
Pre-pot on 2.5
Pre-cast Fireball on 2.5
Rune of Power
Phoenix Flame
(If fireball didn't crit) Fire Blast
Fire Blast
(if fireball critted) Fire Blast
Flame ON
Fire Blast
Fire Blast
Phoenix Flames
Phoenix Flames

and then i start my "normal rotation"

Please explain your rotation, if any

RoP if getting close to 2 charges
Pyro if Hot Streak is up
Phoenix Flames if closing in on 3 charges
Fire Blast if Heating up
Fireball to gain heating up.
sub 25% change out Fireball with Scorch (higher dmg output aswell as being really mobile, this is due to having legendary belt)

Fire mages have their "easy" stage which is all about gaining the pyros and just keeping your "conserve" dps up

And then they got their "burst" phase
This is usually when you want to have most things ready and line it up with your combustion to max your dps output. Most important in this phase is getting as many pyroblasts out as possible during your RoP + Combustion.

Please explain your current stat priority, this includes gems, enchants & set bonusses you are currently going for

Crit -> Int -> Haste/Mastery -> Versatility

Crit is by far your superior stats giving you more pyroblasts and needing to do less fireballs to get the crit.

Haste / Mastery is more of a what you want to go for. Mastery will give you higher ignite damage meaning your AoE dps will be increased. Haste on the other hand will increase the number of pyro's, it also decreases the cooldown on Fire Blast, meaning less downtime between guarenteed pyro

Please explain your current talents and glyphs, explain why you are using them, when if and why you change your talents for any current encounter:

15 Row.
Pyromaniac: This is used for ST DPS, as having a chance for your hot streak to be instantly reactivated after using it, should gives you an overall higher ammount of pyros out.

Conflagration: Beneficial on multiple target fights, making your fireball put a dot (besides the ignite) which gives a small dmg on it, also giving your Ignites and Conflags a chance to do AoE dmg.

Firestarter: This talent can be used on fights where high hp adds spawn, this will give you a bit more crits when a lot of target swaps are done, if you can get a fireball off before the target goes below the 85%. This could be used on a fight like Cenarius where getting the guarenteed crit on fireball will make your combustion easy to set up on sisters.

30 Row:

Shimmer: Giving your blink a 2'nd charge while being able to cast it while casting, can be used for movement heavy fights aswell as quick replacing yourself.

Cauterize: A cheat death which can make you do difrent mechanics that would normally kill you. This is my GO TO talent when it comes to progress due to having a cheat death can mean a lot when healers are distracted with healing others.

Cold Snap: a 2'nd Ice Block and also makes Ice Block heal you. can be used on fights where you might need a 2'nd block to soak something, but i would rather want Cauterize as it doesn't take a GCD while Ice Block does.

45 Row:

Mirror Image: Low dmg images which will do some damage for you

Rune of Power: RoP is the biggest dps increase in this row if you can max your dps output while being in the rune.

Incanter's Flow: a damage increase which will be on you constantly, sadly due to RoP changes from WoD -> Legion, RoP are also better on fights with high movement where Incanter's Flow dominated before. Could potentially still be better on a fight with constant movement.

60 Row:

Blast Wave: AoE burst dmg that increases the targets dmg taken + slows it. (decent if needed slow ect. but other classes does it better)

Flame On: Giving you a GCD which will recharge your Fire Blasts making you able to pull out more Pyros / Flamestrikes when needed, mostly you save this for Combust with kindling while being Cinderstorm/ Meteor, you want to line this up with RoP to max the dps output.

Controlled Burn: Another talent giving you a chance to gain instant pyro, this tho works the way that when your abilities crit giving you heating up, it got a 10% chance to make that heating up to a pyro, sadly do to cast times, travel time ect. Flame On is the winner in this row, as Controlled Burn is too RNG.

75 Row:

Ice Floes: Makes you able to cast and move when used, OPOP

Ring of Frost: AoE CC in a ring, only ever used this in MSV last boss where CCing adds were needed.

Ice Ward: Giving your Frost Nova an exstra charge, giving your more CC tools.

90 Row:

Living Bomb: AoE bomb which starts on one target and then spread to all others near it (the duration + CD gets reduced by haste). is used when +3 targets during an encounter.

Unstable Magic: Passive which makes your fireball have a chance to do AoE dmg on hit on and around the target. your go to ST talent as this is a passive dmg boost.

Flame Patch: having your Flame Strike leaving a patch behind it giving dmg over 8 seconds. can be used if HEAVY AoE all the time, but even there Living Bomb outvalues it.

100 Row:

Kindling: Reducing combust on each Pyro, Fireball and Fire Blast crit, meaning over a fight you got a chance to get more combustions out giving your more burst phases.

Cinderstorm: dmg very small CD which shoots cinders out, your go to talent when having the belt due to Scorch not reducing CD of combustion or when fights are so short so you can only get 1-2 combustions out.
Also have a chance to instantly give 5/5 Pyretic Incarntation charges if all crits.

Meteor: BiG AoE burst dmg, sadly this have a "semi-long" CD for mages so it is almost never worth it. but it's good in PvP!

Background information

Raid experience (Current and previous)

7/7M rank 170 this tier. - Bird is the Word
13/13M pre-nerf in HFC - Bird is the Word
10/10M in BRF - Bird is the Word (joined them after progress was done for them)
7/7M in HM - SSC Crew.

Screenshot of UI in RAID COMBAT (LFR is ok) - Screenshot is from last tier but my UI is the same.

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving

Bird is the Word - Due to some issues that i am feeling, i sadly don't feel home here anymore.
SSC Crew - fell apart
Nimurenai - fell apart
Weeping Angels - with the roster you had a the time, i felt that it became toxic for me and because of me, making me question for me what i wanted out of the game vs what i could potentially loose.

Reason behind applying for Weeping Angels

Knowing many of your raiders from previous tiers, aswell as having multiple IRL friends in your guild. Looking for a guild where i can be a bit more laid back, knowing officers / gm have everything under control and i where i don't feel misplaced.

Write any additional information you feel you need to tell in your apply

i heard Nick gives Brian free BJs when Adam aint looking :O



Why has Adam not savaged this yet? And wtf is that real id?!
Hello @Zagoraktisdru i am happy to inform you that my real ID iz totally legitz brah!
Battletag? [OPTIONAL]

Cringe tbh.

The logs are much improved over the embarassment that are those Frostwhisper ones tbf.

I can't complain about the application because regardless of whether the information is legit or not, it's beautifully formatted: long enough to include all relevant information, and concise enough that I don't fall asleep reading it.

The only issue with it really is:

Quite sure we have talked about this unnecessary use of an apostrophe. 😔

As for the information itself, I spoke with Korv and he seems to think that your logs really are fine and from a technical standpoint you are only making mistakes typical of someone who played this class as an alt up until now. He also says you are responsive to his advice which is something we were concerned about (and that I personally was looking forward to 😥).

You both appear to be the same person, that is to say, cunts. Therefore, I think the dynamic between the two of you should be really quite interesting to observe. Hopefully you will push eachother to improve your performance instead of verbally attacking eachother (although doing this every now and then would be fine from an entertainment standpoint).

Anyway, I'm not sure what kind of vague agreement we had with you was, but I'm just going to accept this now so we can stop giving you unnecessary attention and move on with our lives.
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