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Submitted on: Oct 26, 2016 at 08:02 PM
I confirm that I will abide by the rules and continue to research my class and optimise my raid toon, I agree to abide by these runs, to continue to optimise my toon and keep up to date in class development.
I confirm that I am free to raid on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 7.45pm-11pm and that I can listen on Team Speak (preferably both listen and speak).
I confirm I have read the example application and will strive, where applicable to my class, to put in a high level of effort and depth of information into the subsequent sections of my application. Link to the example application:
If there are occasional issues with attendance, please let us know here

Personal information


Juuso Laasonen







Speedtest: Please do a speedtest on ( and link us your result below.

Character information

Battletag? [OPTIONAL]


Race and Class
Blood Elf Paladin
Main spec


Itemlvl (mainspec)




Itemlvl (offspec)


Please explain in detail your opener

Beacon prefight on tank, bestow faith prepull on main aggro target, holy shock on CD on tanks, followed by holy light / flash of light depending on fight.

Please explain your rotation, if any

normal holy paladin rotation.

Please explain your current stat priority, this includes gems, enchants & set bonusses you are currently going for

Int - Crit - Versatility = Mastery - Haste. enchanting for crit/gemming 200 int + crit. following the stat weights with a spreadsheet for holy paladins. comparing the highest possible HPS for each situation. personally want to get crit cap for holy shock as mastery changed so much from WoD and doesn't feel as strong in this tier. versatility is a plain increase to my hps but comes with a nice dmg reducement aswell. Haste just makes the fights easier if going for cheesing&ranking kills with no care of manapool.

Please explain your current talents and glyphs, explain why you are using them, when if and why you change your talents for any current encounter:

I have two builds, one for aoe blanket healing and one for single target & hybrid healing. mostly using single target / hybrid.

Background information

Raid experience (Current and previous)

Started in vanilla, did some old school zg etc, but started to aim raiding more in the burning crusade, cleared everything except sunwell back then. after wotlk came out, I was raiding with a really uncomfortable time schedule so I missed few raids including TotC insanity runs, but did clear all of the other raids. in cata I felt the game was not giving enough so I just decided to take a break and came back for DS. in MoP I raided in a semihardcore guild and cleared everything rather quick. also did boost runs on pre-mythic heroic garrosh. in WoD I did Highmaul and up to slagfurnace but then after a long discussion me and the officer team came to an conclusion that 3 elemental shamans we're too much to have in the roster and was asked to reroll to a class I had no info on high lvl raiding. had a break and moved realm to Ravencrest to a guild called Clemency which I cleared HFC, currently I've cleared 3/7M on EN.

Screenshot of UI in RAID COMBAT (LFR is ok)
Previous guilds and reasons for leaving

Azys-Arathor: moved to a social after roster didn't have the spot for me anymore due to having 2 other elemental shamans as officers.
Clemency-Ravencrest: Guild came over so much drama due to GM and officers/raid leader not having healthy relationships. basically too much drama and raging.
Paradox-Draenor: Disbanded due to GM abusing his rank and joining raids with low dps/bad tanking skills.
Elements-Draenor: Disbanded due to several core players deciding too many people we're getting carried and coming to raids unprepared.

Reason behind applying for Weeping Angels

I want to raid with people sharing the skill level of myself and I enjoy playing in competive level.

Write any additional information you feel you need to tell in your apply

If you have anything else to ask, please add my btag or call me to discord/skype/ts/vent etc.



Hey Selferas,

Thanks for your interest and application to our guild.

I will look over your application tomorrow and get back to you with a reply.
Hey Selferas,

I had a few questions/comments regarding your application that I hope you can help me with:

- In the rotation section, you stated you follow the "normal holy paladin rotation". Could you please elaborate in detail on what exactly this is? Take us through your thought process and approach during a boss fight - the spells you use, and their potential synergies.
- We have the same issue in the talents section. You state that you use two builds but don't explain what they are at all. Holy Paladins have a variety of viable talents that may be interchanged for each boss depending on situation and preference, so could you please take us through exactly which talents you use and why you think they are best?

Your logs in general are quite good, but we have noted that the uptime on your shorter cooldowns is quite low.
For example, on your Nythendra mythic kill, which was 5 minutes 46 seconds, or 346 seconds, here is a breakdown of your spell usage:
Holy Shock - 26 casts. Disregarding talent and haste bonuses and looking at this spell at its base 9 second cooldown, with 26 casts this means that you effectively used it on cooldown for the first 234 seconds of the fight. This means that there are 112 effective seconds where you did not cast Holy Shock, which equates to a loss of at least 12 casts.
The same is the case for Bestow Faith. 10 casts equates to 120 seconds of coverage, meaning 226 seconds of missed use, or 18 casts.
And for Holy Prism, 9 casts is 180 seconds, meaning 166 wasted seconds, or 8 casts.

Looking at the screenshot you linked, it is evident that you are however tracking these cooldowns, so it seems that your general awareness is lacking slightly in this regard (or perhaps you are simply distracted by the raid frames covering 1/4 of your screen).

The point I am making is simply that self-evaluation is something we expect of all of our raiders. We are not expecting perfection, but should you be accepted, you would be expected to improve on and cover up any gaps or issues in your playstlye.

I look forward to reading your replies!
Hello :) so the basic holy paladin rotation I use for most fights starts with beaconing targets before the boss is pulled, following with bestow faith -2-3 seconds before the dmg intake. Once the fight has started following by the length and the need of raid balancing around using rule of the law for holy light or flash of light (depending on dmg intake and considering manapool). Using holy shock on CD and really fast topping spell if people are in need of the healing, in our cases we used more healers than what I thought we're needed, causing me to not have anything to heal unless I'd want to waste mana on 50% overhealing and just trying to cheese the logs. To return to the question you had about shorter cooldowns not being used when coming out of cooldown is that we didn't have the need for it, example on nythendra melee we're spreaded without taking innecessary dmg from rot / other peoples debuffs. so basically the rotation might sound way too hard on paper, but it's mostly just using bestow faith as a premptive heal for future dmg, mostly on tanks, using holy shock if the tanks are in range for the minimum amount of healing for it. what comes to the talents, I've been balancing around I prefer using bestow faith as an extra heal instead of the crusader strike build or light's hammer which I feel is waste of mana for the hps it provides. for 2nd tier talents, I prefer rule of the law for the lack of movement speed increases or the fact mastery isn't that strong with having the range reguiring the paladin to stay close to targets to gain maximum power out of it, so with using rule of the law instead of cavalier or CD on bubbles/LoH, some fights might need extra BoP's but that has to be determined due to the fights in the future. basically on 3rd tier the most dmg and additional interrupt for MC's or more dmg is blinding light compared to hammer being lower, as there aren't that many bosses nor adds which need a healer to be stunning them. same goes for repentance. there will be enough of CC :). what comes to 4th tier aka auras, I feel like aura of the mercy provides most as it comes with an mediocre raid cd'd to top up after heavy trauma, but some fights I've researched that even aura of sacrifice can work or the old and familiar devotion aura, which doesn't bring much unless aura mastery is used. 5th tier, I wanted to use holy prism due to having so many melees in my previous raids, so it always got the maximum healing out of it. some fights which are really healing intensive holy avenger will provide more safety with the cost of spamhealing way over hastecap. personally I don't prefer playing with Divine purpose due to it being way too RNG related atm. with the recent nerf due to 6th tier talents sanctified wrath still brings the most hps, but there is alot of potential using judgement of light and even Light's hammer due to being probably the hardest fights of this tier, healing wise*. as there will be always targets benefitting from the judgment healing. Fervent martyr doesn't really come to me nor the other paladins as that used spell for the talent choice, on the 7th and last tier, I only see potential raiding wise being the two beacons, Beacon of Faith and beacon of lightbringer, which both are doing nicely on the meters and charts. And what comes to the logs, those we're simply progress kills, still focusing more on doing the correct job without mistakes and just perhaps distracted by the amount of stuff going on with my UI, which I can fix with more cleaner look. I always want to improve and learn from my mistakes, and as I rerolled to paladin after an eternity of playing shaman, I'm still new*ish* on paladin and will most likely keep getting better. Sorry for the amount of text but I've never been a good writer / explainer as a person, rather do it with voice coms incase you want a more simpler cleared explanation. :P
Accepted based on the excellent wall of text & solid performance in thursdays run!
Welcome to the guild Juuso :)!
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