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Submitted on: Jul 07, 2016 at 11:13 AM
I confirm that I will abide by the rules and continue to research my class and optimise my raid toon, I agree to abide by these runs, to continue to optimise my toon and keep up to date in class development.
I confirm that I am free to raid on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 7.45pm-11pm and that I can listen on Team Speak (preferably both listen and speak).
I confirm I have read the example application and will strive, where applicable to my class, to put in a high level of effort and depth of information into the subsequent sections of my application. Link to the example application:
If there are occasional issues with attendance, please let us know here

I am the captain of an Ultimate Frisbee team so I wouldn't sometimes attend because of some international tournaments. It is not that easy to combine both of these :)

Over these somer holidays I will be away from wow till 15th August. After this day I am ready to work hard and improve myself.

Personal information


Matej Stetka






Czech republic

Speedtest: Please do a speedtest on ( and link us your result below.

Character information

Battletag? [OPTIONAL]


Race and Class
Troll Druid
Main spec


Itemlvl (mainspec)




Itemlvl (offspec)

Warcraft logs URL [REQUIRED]


Mage (Frost/arcane) - This could be also my main, depends what the guild needs more

Paladin (Prot/holy)

Please explain in detail your opener

Lifebloom on tanks usually

Please explain your rotation, if any

Keeping both LB up
Keeping Wold shroom up
Using Reju on injured targets
Using WG after Swiftment so to get the most from Talent: Soul of the Forest (when I am not using Tree of Life)

There is no other rotation, prio is to heal up the raid, not to rotate spells :)

Please explain your current stat priority, this includes gems, enchants & set bonusses you are currently going for

Haste - Spirit

Faster cast, more healing :D

Please explain your current talents and glyphs, explain why you are using them, when if and why you change your talents for any current encounter:

Glyph of Wild Growth : Combines well with Soul of Forest and works well in raids overall

Glyph of Regrowth: Great with Tree but even without it, I like the it

Glyph of Rebirth: Sometimes Happens that ressurected person is in some AoE and we don't want him to die again eh?

Optional: Glyph of Stampedingng roar is great in encounters such as Archimonde

Background information

Raid experience (Current and previous)

Back from a break, so for HFC 13/13HC only. Without a guild, not many mythics are opened these days.

Played wow since 2011. Have started on private server called Molten (These days Warmane). Officer of a top 3 pve guild back on Cataclysm.q

Screenshot of UI in RAID COMBAT (LFR is ok)
Previous guilds and reasons for leaving

None of the guilds of worth to mention, except my old Molten guild called Brotherhood of Bracelet

Reason behind applying for Weeping Angels

I am looking for a good guild with which I could progress Legion on the top ranks.
WA seemed for me as the best choice.

Write any additional information you feel you need to tell in your apply

For Legion my main could be either Rdudu or Mage. Depends what the guild needs. Played both classes since Cata. Ready to start working hard in the middle of August. (Reason: Summer holidays)



guessing your top 3 was on private server?
Yes. These days it is called Warmane.
Marej, given that the example application you would have read is for resto druid, the lack of information or reasoning presented here is troubling.

Based on your logs you would have difficulty competing with our healers, and I can only suggest that, should you be applying to other 13 mythic guilds, that you put substantially more time and effort into your application than I see here.

Best of luck in your guild search.
if he's from Top 3 pve guilds from Molten im sure i know him :D since i played there for last 5 years :D
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